AKG N60 NC Wireless Headphones

After experiencing great sound quality of AKG N60 NC Wireless, it looks cheaper. at this price range, they offer good value of money, with great sound quality and good noise cancellation controls. Got uncomfortable over longer periods due to on-ear rather than over-ear. Regardless, the benefit of this is that this is a fantastically compact pair of headphones, and if you’re willing to make the trade-off then these are great for the price. On-ear models that sit on top of one’s ears aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but the 7-ounce (198g) AKG N60 NC Wireless are about as comfortable as you get for this type of headphone. What’s also noteworthy is that they have effective noise canceling with only a very faint hiss.
This new wireless model has some design improvements to the earcups, with a little bit thicker padding and a headband that doesn’t clamp down on your head as tightly, which leads to a more comfortable fit. Battery life is rated at up to 15 hours with both Bluetooth and noise canceling engaged (that’s good but not great) and up 30 hours if you use the noise canceling only in wired mode.

Type:               Enclosure:        Wireless:            
Over-ear         Closed-Back          YesNoise-Cancelling:   Mic:         Transducer:
No                              Yes           Dynamic
Amazon Ratings… 4.5 out of 5 stars   
best budget wireless noise cancelling headphones
Conclusion Although they may not be quite as good as full-size offerings from Bose and Sony, the on-ear AKG N60NC are arguably the best compact one among the best budget wireless noise cancelling headphones.

akg n60 nc wireless Impressive Bluetooth microphone
akg n60 nc wireless Great noise isolation
akg n60 nc wireless Comfortable, stylish design
Sound less balanced than other Bose over-ears
Don’t have NFC like other Bose headsets
Motion-sensitive auto-off timer could be frustrating



Has Stereo Speakers
Has An Over-the-ear Foam X
Has A Detachable Cable
Sweat Resistant X
Weight 199.4g
Can Be Folded

Sound Quality

Highest Frequency 22000Hz
Lowest Frequency 10Hz
Sound Pressure Level 123dB/mW
Has Passive Noise Reduction X
Impedance 32 Ohms
Has Active Noise Cancelling (Noise Control)


Has A Rechargeable Battery
Has A Battery Level Indicator
Has A Removable Battery X


Can Be Used Wirelessly
Has A 3.5mm Male Connector
Supports Bluetooth Pairing Using NFC X


Can Be Used As A Headset
Control Panel Placed On A Device
Has An In-Line Control Panel


These headphones are well-designed wireless on-ear headphones with a very similar design to the wired AKG K490-NC. They're slightly larger than the K490 but feel better made. Their cups are bigger and cover more of the ear, which some may prefer. Even though they fold, they aren’t the most portable headphones but will be easier to carry around than over-ears. They have a complete control scheme that gives you access to all common functionalities and can also be used passively with the included audio cable.
Style Comfort
The AKG N60NC Wireless have a similar look to the AKG K490-NC, but their larger design makes them look a bit more dense and durable. Their ear cups have polished metal rings and thick padding. Their headband is fully padded, which is slightly different from the K490 and doesn’t have big apparent screws where the cups fold. They are fairly low-profile but look quite good. The N60NC are fairly lightweight and their on-ear design is decently comfortable. You’ll be able to wear these for a few hours, but they might get uncomfortable after a while since they put pressure directly on your ears. On the upside, the padding is thick and comfortable, and the headband is more padded than that of the K490. The cups are also larger and cover more ear surface, which some may prefer.
Portability Build Quality
The AKG N60NC are decently portable due to their foldable cups. You’ll be able to slide them easily inside a bag, and you can protect them with the included pouch. The cups also rotate to lay flat too. The AKG N60NC are fairly well-built headphones. They have a similar design to the K490-NC but the materials used seem denser and sturdier. The headband is fully made of metal, which is an upgrade over the K490’s and is also fully padded. The cups are also larger and seem to able to survive a few accidental drops without too much damage. However, since the cups rotate and fold, there are a few moving parts that could be susceptible to break after a while.
Stability Controls
These headphones aren't the most stable. The cups are heavier than those of the K490 and they wobble around a lot if you move your head sideways. The headphones can slide fairly easily off your ears by simply tilting your head forward. This shouldn't be a problem for casual listening sessions, but they won't be usable for physical activity. Their wireless design eliminates the risk of having a cable that could get hooked on something, which would yank the headphones off your head. The control scheme of the AKG N60 NC is simple and easy to use. However, the layout is a bit different from most headphones. There's a power switch for turning the headphone on/off, but it’s also used for their pairing procedure. There's another switch for track skipping that can also be pressed for playing/pausing music or to answer/end calls. The volume controls are placed in an unusual, but distinctive spot on the top of the right ear cup. The feedback of the physical buttons is decent and they feel clicky, but the sliding switches aren’t the best. Also, you don’t get any audio cues other than when powering the headphones on and off and once they connect to your device.
These AKG N60NC Wireless headphones are decent sounding closed-back on-ear headphones. They have an extended and powerful bass, a very good and fairly even mid-range, and a very good treble. However, their bass is a bit boomy and the overemphasis continues in the mid-range, making vocals and leads sound thick and cluttered. Also, their treble is rather uneven, and certain S and T sounds might be a bit sharp for some people. Overall, these headphones will be suitable for bass-heavy genres and won’t be ideal for vocal-centric music.
Bass Mid
The bass performance of the AKG N60NC is very good. The LFE (low-frequency extension) of 14Hz is excellent. Low-bass is flat and follows our target curve well, meaning these headphones will produce the right amount of thump and rumble. Mid-bass, responsible for the body of bass guitars and punch of the kick drums is quite well-balanced, but slightly overemphasized by 2dB. Also, high-bass is overemphasized by more than 3dB, which adds a bit of boominess to the sound. The mid-range performance is very good. The range is fairly even and flat, but there’s a 7dB tilt favoring lower frequencies, making vocals and lead instruments sound slightly thick and cluttered.
The AKG N60NC Wireless are noise canceling headphones and isolate quite well in loud environments. They block enough noise so you won't be distracted by ambient noise while on public transit, especially if you have music playing. However, in very noisy surroundings, you may still hear what's going on around you. On the upside, they're also decent to use in quieter settings as they don't leak too much, even at moderate to high volumes. So, you’ll be able to mask more noise by raising your listening volume, without disturbing people surrounding you too much.
Noise Isolation Overall Leakage
The AKG N60NC have a decent active noise cancelation feature. In the bass range, where engine rumble sits, they provide about 15dB of isolation, which is good. In the mid-range, important for canceling out ambient speech, they achieved 17dB of isolation, which is also good. They also do well in the treble range, which is occupied by sharp sounds like S and Ts and fan noises like A/C systems and isolate by about 34dB. Their leakage performance is good. The significant portion of their leakage sits between 2KHz and 5KHz, which is a narrow range. The overall level of leakage is quite low too. With the music at 100dB SPL their leakage averages at 36dB SPL, but peaks at 58dB SPL which is about the noise floor of an average office.
The integrated microphone of the AKG N60NC Wireless has a mediocre performance. In quiet environments, speech recorded/transmitted with this mic will sound a bit thin, quite muffled, and will lack detail. However, it would still be decently understandable. In noisy situations, the mic will struggle to separate speech from ambient noise in loud environments, like in a subway. We have tested the integrated microphone since we judge the most common usage of these headphones would be wireless. We expect the in-line mic to perform slightly better.
The N60 NC have about 13 hours of continuous playback, which should last you a normal workday without any problem, but it is slightly under the advertised 15 hours. Also, if you use them wired with ANC on, you’ll double that number according to the AKG specs sheet. Unfortunately, the headphones don’t turn off automatically or enter a standby mode to save battery life, but you can use them passively with the included 1/8” TRRS audio cable, even if the battery is dead.
These Bluetooth headphones can also be used wired with the included audio cable. If you use them wired, they support both audio and microphone compatibility on different consoles and on PC. Also, the AKG N60NC can connect wirelessly to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time, which is very convenient. Their latency delay is also lower than average Bluetooth headphones and some may not even notice any delay on video content. They also have an amazing wireless range that will let you walk around without your audio source on you at all times.
Bluetooth Wired
The AKG N60NC Wireless support an older Bluetooth version, but this shouldn’t be an issue. On the upside, they can connect to two devices simultaneously, which means you’ll be able to easily switch between your phone and work computer for example. You can easily switch between the 2 devices thanks to the connection slider directly on the headphones. These wireless headphones can also be used with the included 1/8” TRRS audio cable on consoles. You will get audio and microphone support on all consoles and PCs, which makes them very versatile.
Wireless Range Base/Dock
The N60NC have an amazing wireless range. You’ll be able to walk around a small office or apartment without hearing too many audio cuts. This shouldn’t be an issue if you keep your audio source on you or very close to you when you're working out. However, wireless range depends on your source’s signal strength, so you might get different results with your device. The AKG N60 NC don’t have a base or dock.

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