Logitech G Pro Best Budget Gaming Headset PS4

Logitech G Pro best budget gaming headset for ps4 design makes it more like a professional studio headset than one designed for gamers. But the G Pro is made for gamers, but you won’t find out at first because of the lack of RGB lighting, colorful accents, and aggressive style. The G Pro is a simple all-black headset except for the two silver circles on the outside of each earcup.

With a sturdy metal surface and thick leather lining, this headset exudes premium building quality. And when you first picked up the headset, the suspicion was confirmed. Logitech feels studio level. It uses a thick metal frame that extends to the fork which holds the earplugs.

The outside of the earplug finished with a soft-touch coating that feels luxurious and also repels fingerprints. However, the earmuffs cannot rotate, which makes it a bit heavy when you take it off and put it on your neck.

Memory foam pads on headbands and earmuffs are soft and sufficient. If you are like me and run a little on the warm side, you can swap the faux leather ear cushions for a pair of fabrics that included with Logitech in the box. I found that my head remained cooler with cloth pads. I will not plan to replace different ear cushions regularly; they need a little skill to wear.

However, with other sets of earbuds, Logitech G Pro Best Budget Gaming Headset PS4 is quite comfortable. I have a head that is larger than average, and the headset feels hard on the side of my head without being too tight. Telescoping ties allow you to adjust the size. Also worth noting: the headset fits in my glasses without pressing or moving around me, something I can’t say about most of the headsets I tried. Another small design point, but appreciated: the big “R” or “L” on the inside of the earmuffs clearly shows which side.

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Logitech G Pro Best Budget Gaming Headset PS4Over-ear







Logitech G Pro Best Budget Gaming Headset PS4 Extreme comfort
Pro mechanical gaming keyboard
best headphones Mic is awful



Has Stereo Speakers
Has An Over-the-ear Foam
Has A Detachable Cable
Has A Straight Plug
Cable Length 2m
Weight 259g

Sound Quality

Impedance 32 Ohms
Has Passive Noise Reduction
Highest Frequency 20000Hz
Lowest Frequency 20Hz
Sound Pressure Level 107dB/mW
Has A Neodymium Magnet


Has A Noise Cancelling Microphone X
Has A Removable Microphone
No of Microphones 1
Highest Frequency Mic 10000Hz
Lowest Frequency Mic 10Hz
Has A Wind Noise Reduction Microphone X


Has A Rechargeable Battery X
Has A Battery Level Indicator X


Has A 3.5mm Male Connector
Can Be Used Wirelessly X
Compatible With PlayStation
Compatible With Xbox Live


Can Be Used As A Headset
Has A Mute Function
Control Panel Placed on A Device X
Has An In-Line Control Panel
Has Voice Commands
Travel Bad Is Included X


This headset has a slightly better design than the G433. These headphones have the same size, and overall build quality although the Pro variant has a better and more durable matte coating than the fabric finish of the G433. They also come with a better set of default pads that are slightly more comfortable to wear but also less porous and breathable. They have a removable mic and a casual design that you can use outdoors, but unfortunately, they do not come with a second, more mobile-friendly cable like the G433. They also do not have a pouch or case, and they're not the most portable headphones to carry around on you without a bag.
Style Comfort
This gaming headset is a better-looking redesign of the G-433. They have the same shape and size, but the Pro variant has a matte coating that's a little more durable. They also come with better default pads (with a 2nd set of more breathable pads in the box). Their mic is detachable, and since they have a more casual design than most gaming headsets, you can use them outdoors and while commuting without looking out of place. Unfortunately, they only come in one color scheme. This headset have slightly different default pads to the G433. However, like the G433, they come with a second set of pads that do not have the nice pleather coating of the default setup, but it's a bit more breathable for long gaming sessions. The ear cups are relatively large and will fit well around most listeners' ears. They're lightweight, and the headband is not too tight on the head. Overall, these headphones will be slightly more pleasant to wear than the G433, but there isn't a big enough difference for them to have a higher score. Yake a look at the G Pro X, If you want more comfortable gaming headphones from Logitech.
Portability Build Quality
Like most gaming headsets, this headset does not fold into a more compact format for easy transportation. The ear cups do lay flat but do not save much space, which makes them slightly too cumbersome to carry around on your person unless you have a bag. This headset have a slightly more durable build quality than the G433. The overall design is the same, so the headband and ear cups have the same thickness and density and should also be able to survive a couple of accidental drops without any damage. The biggest difference between the two designs is the coating on the ear cups. The G-Pro have a more traditional matte finish whereas the G433 are covered in a mesh-like fabric that will wear and tear and will not look as good as the G Pro after a couple of months of heavy use. Unfortunately, since they do not come with an extra cable in the box like the G433, their durability is slightly reduced. You can always use another 4 pole audio cable, but you will have to purchase one for yourself which is a little disappointing especially since this is the Pro edition of an old design.
Stability Controls
These headphones have a detachable cable that will disconnect easily if it gets hooked on something. They also have a relatively tight fit which will make them stable enough for most casual activities. However, they're still not meant for sports, and the big ear cups will sway and eventually slip off your ears if you use them while running and working out. This headset has the same in-line remote as the G433. You can adjust the volume level with a dial that's easy-to-use and responsive but doesn't have distinct notches. They also have a very basic on/off switch for the microphone. Unfortunately, they do not come with an extra cable, (with a regular in-line remote for mobile devices) like the G433. So overall they won't be as practical if you want to use them with your phone outdoors.
This gaming headset is a good sounding pair of closed-back over-ears. They have a well-extended and powerful bass, an even mid-range and a decently balanced treble. However, their bass suffers from inconsistent delivery across multiple subjects and could sound a bit boomy for some, and their mid-range is a little underemphasized, which weakens the vocals and instruments a bit. They also lack a bit of detail in their treble range. Overall, it seems these headphones share the same sound profile as the G433, which sound very good on a variety of genres and are a versatile pair of headphones. However, the G Pro unit that we tested showed significant mismatch between the L/R drivers both in amplitude and frequencies response, which resulted in the average imaging score and the lower overall sound score.
It should be noted that this mismatch could be unique only to our test unit, and the one you buy may or may not have this issue. However, driver mismatch can be considered as a metric for quality control and manufacturing tolerance.
Bass Mid
The bass is very good. Low-frequency extension is at 10Hz, which is excellent. Also, low-bass is within 1.5dB of our target. This indicates a deep and extended bass, with just the right amount of thump and rumble. However, mid-bass, responsible for body and punch, and high-bass, responsible for warmth, are overemphasized by 2dB and 4dB respectively, making the overall sound a bit boomy and muddy. Also, their bass delivery varies significantly across users, and is sensitive to the quality of fit, seal, and whether you wear glasses. This gaming headset has a very good mid-range. The response is relatively flat and even, which is good for reproducing clear and well-balanced vocals/instruments. However, it is consistently recessed by about 1.5dB, which slightly nudges vocals towards the back of the mix by giving more emphasis to the lower frequencies.
The Logitech G Pro headphones have disappointing isolation. They aren't noise cancelling so any isolation is provided solely by the seal of the ear-cups over the ear. Noise isolation is effective at reducing nearby chatter, but not for reducing the deep sounds of a bus or subway car. They aren't very good at preventing the sound from leaking to nearby coworkers, and most of the mid-range leaks the same as a normal conversation from 3 feet away. This is fine if your coworkers aren't too close, but they are not suitable for an open workspace.
Noise Isolation Overall Leakage
The isolation performance is sub-par. In the bass range, occupied by the rumble of airplane and bus engines, they achieve no isolation. In the mid-range, important for blocking out speech, they achieve about 10dB of isolation, which is about decent. In the treble range, where sharp sounds like S and Ts sit, they isolate by 30dB, which is good. The headset has a sub-par leakage performance. The significant portion of their leakage sits between 200Hz and 3KHz, which is a broad range. The overall level of the leakage is relatively loud too. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage at 1 foot away averages at 47dB and peaks at around 64dB. This is a little above the noise floor of most offices.
The gaming headset has an excellent boom mic. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this microphone sounds full, natural and detailed, but it may lack a bit of airiness. In noisy situations, it is able to separate speech from background noise even in very loud environments, like a subway station of game competition.
These are wired headphones that don't have a battery.
These Gaming Headphones are wired headphones that do not support Bluetooth. They come with a detachable 1/8" TRRS cable that works with just about anything, including the controllers for most major game consoles. They have nearly zero latency and are great for gaming or watching videos but will not have the convenient range of wireless headsets.
Bluetooth Wired
The Logitech G Pro are wired headphones and do not support Bluetooth connectivity. The headset comes with a 1/8" TRRS cable that is detachable, as well as a Y-adapter for use on a PC. They don't have the more advanced USB external DAC that is included with the Logitech G433. The audio cable can be connected to a PS4 or Xbox One controller for audio and voice.
Wireless Range Base/Dock
The Logitech G Pro are wired headphones and do not support wireless communication. There is no charging dock or base for these headphones. For a good gaming headset with a dock.

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