HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset grants the most seamless transition from wired to wireless. Out of any wireless headset on the market, with its instant connectivity, long-lasting battery life, and plug-and-play functionality. Whereas a lot of wireless headsets have connection issues and problems. Registering with your PC, the Cloud Flight connects the second you turn in it on, every time. Design and quality have always been a trademark of HyperX headsets, and the Cloud Flight is no different. It has a compact, ultra-lightweight, over-ear design that sits firmly on your head without feeling overly tight. Furthermore, it has some of the most intuitive and convenient on-ear adjustments out of any headset on the market making muting and adjusting volume an absolute breeze.

Finally, the 50mm drivers provide excellent stereo audio quality with clear highs and lows and everything in between. It does not have surround sound though, and the overall sound quality is still not on par with some of the best-wired headsets, but that is to be expected when you have a wireless headset with staggering 30-hours of battery life. The headset has almost everything going for it. Great audio quality and a high-quality microphone that provides clear communication and great noise cancellation. Its design is comfortable, lightweight and has convenient on-ear media controls. Most importantly it’s instant connectivity, and extraordinary 30-hour battery life provides you with true wireless freedom that feels as consistent as any wired option out there.

This HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the best and most user-friendly wireless headsets on the market, and when it comes to battery life and connectivity, it is second-to-none. At first glance, the HyperX Cloud Flight has a simplistic, compact design that is hard to hate on. It’s lightweight design at only 315 grams and over-ear leatherette earcups ensure a very comfortable gaming experience, even during long gaming sessions. It has a tight fit that keeps the headset firmly in place.That said, the tight design might be uncomfortable if you have large ears. And it does overall make it slightly less comfortable than the HyperX Cloud 2 that uses a larger earcup design. The earcups are made out of breathable leatherette materials that keep the ears relatively cool even during warm days. Cloud Flight is a very pleasant pair of headphones to wear. But does fall a bit short compared to the most comfortable ones out there. Like the SteelSeries Arctis or even HyperX’ own Cloud 2.

The quality is great but once again doesn’t feel as durable as the Cloud 2. However, as long as you treat it decently well, you won’t experience any issues, and it can survive a drop on the floor without any problems. The real genius in Cloud Flight’s design lies in its user-friendliness and overall convenience. It’s on-ear media controls are some of the most straightforward to use out of all the headsets I have tested. It has a large volume wheel that is easy to locate without taking off the headphones. Furthermore, the left earcup is more or less one big mute/un-mute button that makes muting your microphone in an instant easier than ever before. The 50mm drivers deliver wonderfully clear sound quality with vibrant and defined lows, highs and mid tones. However, it is nothing out of the ordinary, and the quality is great but nothing more than what we’d expect from a high-end gaming headset.

The detachable microphone is flexible and easily muted through the earcup. The audio quality is great and provides clear communication with your team. Lastly, it has excellent noise cancellation, so you don’t have to worry about muting yourself while eating snacks or food while playing with friends. The Cloud Flight can keep going for a whopping 30 hours straight, provided you don’t choose to turn on the breathing LED lighting. Luckily, the default mode is lighting turned off and with battery life at it’s best. You can however easily switch between no LED, breathing LED, and continuous lighting with the power button. Once you plug in the 2.4GHz wireless USB connector, it is instantly registered by the PC, and all you then have to do it turn on the headset and you are good to go. No nonsense, no problems, it just connects instantly every time. If you want all the convenience and freedom of a wireless set of gaming headphones. Then the HyperX Cloud Flight might be the best option on the market right now. It is unmatched in terms of connectivity, user-friendliness and battery life.

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HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset Signature hyperX comfort
HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset Durable, adjustable steel slider
best headphones Superior sensor
best headphones Finicky



Has Stereo Speakers
Has An Over-the-ear Foam
Has A Detachable Cable
Has A Tangle Free Cable
Weight 315g
Cable Length 1.4m

Sound Quality

Impedance 32 Ohms
Highest Frequency 20000Hz
Lowest Frequency 20Hz
Sound Pressure Level 107dB/mW
Has A Neodymium Magnet
Has Passive Noise Reduction X


Has A Noise Cancelling Microphone
No of Microphones 1
Has A Removable Microphone
Has A Wind Noise Reduction Microphone X


Has A Rechargeable Battery
Has A Battery Level Indicator
Has A Removable Battery X


Can Be Used Wirelessly
Compatible With PlayStation
Compatible With Xbox Live
Has A 3.5mm Male Connector


Can Be Used As A Headset
Has A Mute Function
Control Panel Placed on A Device
Has Included Ear Pads X
Has An In-Line Control Panel X
Has Voice Commands X


This is a decently well-designed gaming headset with a comfortable fit and easy-to-use controls. These HyperX Cloud Flight have a removable mic and come with a simple 1/8" TRS audio cable so you can use them as casual headphones outdoors. They're decently stable, although not ideal for sports or running, and they're fairly compact for a gaming headset but won't be the easiest headphones to carry around on your person. Unfortunately, their build quality is not as good as some of the other HyperX models like the Cloud Alpha and Cloud II. They do not come with a carrying case or pouch, and despite being more outdoor-friendly gaming headphones, they do not have a mobile-friendly control scheme with their audio cable.
Style Comfort
The HyperX Cloud Flight have the same design language as the rest of the HyperX lineup but do not look as premium or as sturdy as the or the Cloud Alpha. They have a more typical headband design with decently sized oval, ear cups that swivel and have a detachable mic. This gives them a casual over-ear look that you can comfortably wear outdoors especially if you turn off the LEDs. They do not look as flashy as some of the other gaming headsets which some listeners may prefer however the lack of color options may be a downside for some. The Cloud Flight are comfortable headphones, but they're not as well-padded as the Cloud II or the Cloud Alpha. They're slightly lighter than the other two HyperX headsets since they have a bit more plastic in their build quality. The headband isn't too tight on the head, and the ear cups are decently spacious. Overall, they are comfortable enough to wear for long gaming sessions and should fit well for most users, but the Cloud II and Cloud Alpha are slightly better.
Portability Build Quality
The HyperX Cloud Flight are not very portable headphones, although they are less limited by their design compared to other gaming headsets since you can use them wired while on the go. However, you do have to carry the USB transmitter dongle if you plan to use them wirelessly and they are fairly bulky headphones that do not fold into a more compact format. The ear cups do lay flat which could come in handy in some situations, and the microphone is removable so you can fit them in your bag somewhat easily. Also, like most gaming headsets, they will be a hassle to carry around on your person, and unfortunately, they do not come with a carrying case or pouch which is a little disappointing. The HyperX Cloud Flight have a decent build quality but do not feel as premium or as durable as the Cloud II or the Cloud Alpha. They have a flexible but thin metal frame and dense ear cups that won't break if you accidentally drop the headphones once or twice. Unfortunately, their build quality has a lot more plastic than some of the other HyperX designs. They also have a lot more moving parts and hinges that that will be susceptible to wear and tear in the long run.
Stability Controls
The Cloud Flight are decently stable headphones. They are sufficiently tight on the head to maintain a stable fit for most casual activities and gaming but won't be the ideal choice for sports. They should be stable enough to jog with especially when using them wirelessly, however, since they are limited by the range of their USB transmitter you most likely will use them wired when you're not home and close to a PC or Console. This makes them a bit less stable since the audio cable may get tangled in your clothing. On the upside, the cable is detachable so it should disconnect before yanking the headphones off your head if it gets hooked on something. This headphone have a simple and efficient gaming control scheme. They have a volume dial and a microphone mute button on the right ear cup. The power button also cycles between the different LED lighting patterns. Feedback is decent but the volume dial lacks discrete notches and end points so the dial will keep spinning even when you're at max volume (you do get auditory feedback though). The buttons are also slightly mushy but still deliver enough tactile feedback when you press them.
The HyperX Cloud Flight is a good sounding pair of closed-back over-ear gaming headsets. These headphones have a deep, punchy, and well-balanced bass, an even and neutral mid-range, and a clear treble. This makes them a good and versatile option for a wide variety of music genres, including bass-heavy music, as well as movies and video games. However, their bass delivery is prone to inconsistencies across multiple users, their mid-range is slightly recessed which thins out vocals, and their treble could sound a bit sharp on S and Ts.
Bass Mid
The bass performance is great. LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 12Hz, which is great. Low-bass, responsible for the thump and rumble common to bass-heavy music and video games, is within 0.3dB of our target. Mid-bass, responsible for the body of bass guitars and the punch of kick drums, is hyped by about 2dB. High-bass, responsible for warmth, is overemphasized by 1.3dB, which could add a bit of muddiness to the sound. Also, their bass delivery varies significantly across users, and is sensitive to the quality of fit, seal, and whether you wear glasses. The mid-range of the Cloud Flight is great. The response is very even and flat throughout the range, this results in a well-balanced reproduction of vocals and other instruments. However, low-bass is underemphasized by more than 3dB. This tends to thin out vocals a little bit, but also creates more room for the punch and thump of the bass range to come through.
This headphone has a poor isolation performance. They're able to block some high-frequency noise with the decent seal that the ear cups create around your ears. Unfortunately, it will not be enough for the rumbling low-frequency noise of an engine on public transit or the ambient chatter and of a lively competition environment. They also leak a bit at higher volumes so they will be audible to the people around you in quieter conditions. On the upside, since they are closed back headphones with regular pleather ear cup pads, they should isolate a lot better than some of the other gaming headsets we've tested.
Noise Isolation Overall Leakage
The isolation is sub-par. In the bass range, they don't provide any isolation, where the rumble of airplane and bus engines sits. HyperX Cloud Flight achieve 9dB of isolation, In the mid-range, important for blocking out speech, which is decent. In the treble range, occupied by the sharp sounds like S and Ts, they reduce outside noise by more than 34dB, which is good. The leakage performance is about average. The significant portion of their leakage is between 400Hz and 3KHz, which is a broad range spanning both the mid and treble regions. However, the overall level of the leakage of HyperX Cloud is not very loud. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage at 1 foot away averages at 42dB SPL and peaks at 55dB SPL, which is just above the noise floor of most offices.
The HyperX Cloud Flight have a great microphone. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this mic will sound full, detailed and intelligible, but may lack a bit of airiness. In noisy situations, this mic is able to separate speech from background noise to a great degree, even in the most demanding situations. However, since it comes with a powerful and sensitive noise gate that's always on, you have to make sure that the microphone is placed closed to your mouth, and that you speak loud enough. Otherwise, your speech may also be cut by the noise gate too.
They have excellent battery life, but they are slow to recharge. There are 3 options for the LED status light, and the battery life varies considerably depending on the setting. With the LED always on, the battery lasts about 12.9 hours. The best battery life is only available when the LED is completely off.
They also support passive playback with the included analog cable, but the microphone cannot be used when wired.
The HyperX Cloud Flight have decent connectivity. They connect using a proprietary USB dongle and do not support Bluetooth. The dongle has low latency, making them suitable for gaming and watching movies. The dongle is also compatible with the PS4/PS4 Pro, but not with the Xbox One. On the upside, they can be used wired and can connect to a variety of devices, but the microphone does not work wired.
Bluetooth Wired
The HyperX Cloud Flight do not use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Instead, they rely on a proprietary USB adapter (included). When not used wirelessly, the Cloud Flight can be used with an included detachable TRS cable. When used with an analog cable they are universal, but the controls on the side of the headphones do not work.
Wireless Range Base/Dock
Good wireless range when obstructed, you can walk around a small apartment without losing the connection. Line of sight range is mediocre, much worse than similar Bluetooth headsets. There is no base or dock included with the HyperX Cloud Flight. The included wireless dongle can be plugged into a PS4 and used wirelessly but is not compatible with the Xbox One.

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