Soundmagic E10 Earbuds

These in-ear headphones of SoundMAGIC are one of the best options for the quality price at the moment. The use of in-ear headphones is often the best solution to isolate yourself from outside noise and without spending an excessive amount of money. These Soundmagic E10 earphones are Recommended as sports headphones: they are very resistant and have good manufacture.

Really, though, the overall appearance is an unassuming one, and it might be all too easy to dismiss the Soundmagic E10 as another chi-fi earphone. But that’s simply not the case.

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Conclusion These In-ear headphones are superb headphones that provide extremely powerful bass for you drum and bass fans as well as crisp and clear sounds for perhaps someone with a more classical interest. The E10s are probably the most robust headphones we’ve tested before thanks to the unique metal design, so you can be reassured that if you do accidentally step on them, there won’t be any breakages here.

soundmagic e10 Good quality price relation
soundmagic e10 Fit perfectly
soundmagic e10 Great sound quality
soundmagic e10 Comfortable
No volume control buttons on cable



Clearly, they are headphones designed for your mp3 or Smartphone device, especially due to their low impedance: you will obtain a very good power with a very low volume.

Although its all-metal construction, the E10C is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

This headphone does not have competition for quality-price at the moment. They have excellent ergonomics thanks to the fact that the cable of the two helmets has the same length. The cable is impossible to get tangled and its manufacturing quality is the best.

Whereas the e10 had sharp edges and lots of flare, the E80 is more subdued with its clean lines and smooth corners. This meant that the E80 were much more comfortable over prolonged use but most of all it just gave them a more robust and less tacky feel.


We found the Soundmagic E80 to be comfortable for use of periods up to a few hours. Around that time I would have to have a break or readjust them. The buds are quite large in diameter and seemed to shift a little although the didnt break the seal its worth noting.

it comes equipped with a large number of silicone pads of different sizes, which will be one of the keys for these headphones to isolate us perfectly from the outside sound. They will fit very well in your ears.

The headphone also comes with a clip for the cable, which may be something long to carry it connected to a Smartphone when you place it in your pocket. With this clip, you will be able to hold the cable and lock it. Also, you will find a travel bag of good quality.


The headphones have a small opening that will allow a more natural flow of sound and a greater sense of space, which will provide richer tone reproduction and vibrant, natural bass. In addition, they practically isolate us from the outside world: we will not hear any external noise and others will not hear our music. The treble and midrange frequencies are not compromised, providing a clear and well-balanced sound.


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