MEE Audio M6 PRO

We were unsure what to expect with a pair of budget pair of headphones coming from a lesser-known company. This MEE Audio M6 PRO earbud have been a pleasant experience thus far, even if I do think the sound signature can be quirky at times. However, with a lifetime warranty, and a plethora of earbuds to choose from, We are impressed.

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Conclusion For MEE Audio to create a 2nd Generation of the best selling M6 PRO musicians’ in-ear monitors Series, they had to connect with their fan base and listen to their reviews and recommendations. Moreover, the 2nd Generation provides enhanced sound quality, is more durable and ergonomic. The cables are further designed to be long lasting and the revised driver tuning gave it a more sculpted sound frequency response for a more accurate midrange and a smoother, natural treble.

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The MEE Audio M6 PRO are made from a translucent plastic. It appears very hard and not prone to scratching. They are light, so I wouldn’t think that a drop is going to do much damage. My only concern is cracking, which could very well occur if they are stepped on or exposed to excessive force. The cabling is sturdy, and coated with a protective layer of plastic. The cable can be removed and replaced, which is a plus for longevity. The connection system seems sturdy, and not likely to break. MEE Audio also offers a lifetime warranty for the M6-Pros, so worry not clumsy music lovers, they’ve got you covered.


From the multiple impressions I’ve already seen from the M6 PRO discussion thread, I found many people have pretty serious fit issues due to the M6 PRO’s pretty large housings and shallow insertion depth. Most accounts say they’ve tried every eartip included with the M6 PRO and still not get a decent fit; that I can agree on, since the M6 PRO’s form factor is very fiddly and can take a lot of getting used to for the uninitiated (no, it’s not as easy as you make it look like it is, MEE). Eventually I settled on the large single-flange eartips, which were the only ones that fit me okay. Even then, the eartips were flimsier than I’d like and had me worried about breaking the seal; luckily, with the memory wire earloops, that wasn’t the case, so I guess the M6 PRO has that going for them.

Once I got the right fit, though, I found the M6 PRO was also pretty comfortable. Their very light weight allowed them to practically hang from the earloops, exerting no pressure on the concha at all. Their shallow insertion depth also helped a lot with comfort; however, this doesn’t do any good favours for the isolation, which is decent at best on the M6 PRO.


Often professional models such as the Shure SE215 or Sony MDR V6 will have a slightly dry, rustic tone. Of course, the entry-level earbuds are usually the most focused, strongest strings that dominate the other two strings. Of course, the M6Pro’s bass will not be able to satisfy the bassheads in the DJ and EDM tracks. But the M6Pro will satisfy the ears for balance and evenness in all three strings, the bass of the M6pro has good speed, the tension is bouncing and fairly decisive, down quite deep, not overwhelmed. There’s still a shortage of subwoofer, the Shure ES215 does better, the M6pro’s bass is lively enough to play POP, not rock, and it’s pretty good.

However, the bass is not the best I have seen on the M6Pro, and the mid range is the warmest stripe I’ve seen, and the range is the best at M6pro, clear, clean and detailed, No more lace, no color. The vocalist is quite natural, smooth but not as sweet as ATH, not as clear as RHA, nor thick and backward like Sennheiser, If you have heard Shure SE215 you will notice the mid tone many similarities. However, the mid of the SE215 is somewhat fuller and a bit more prominent, but the detail is comparable, which allows M6Pro to play fairly well in male and female vocals, especially with a celine dion, saxophone and also impressed with the POP, country music.

If the Shure SE215 has an overwhelms M6Pro overlay on the lower strips, the M6Pro’s high range shows that the M6pro’s treble is quite rich and sharp, detailing slightly above the SE215, but the M6Pro does not. To be a Trebhead ear, you will not be able to shine, or see any excesses in the sound spectrum.

Sound, Usually these headphones are less likely to be reproduced with the ear, as they are very narrow and cramped, but with the M6Pro, the MEE makes a difference, the sound field is wide and relatively well.


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