Kissral Wireless Sport Earbud

Kissral wireless sport earbud is mainly created for phone use, and that is the point where the multifunctional key comes into play. Kissral wireless earbud is best for you when you are looking for an excellent earbud and sound excellence for daily use and runs according to your budgets.

Kissral wireless sport earbud are widely known for their vast competence and offer the best quality and incredible audio experience which is beyond measure with other challenging earbuds. They are simple to use and provide the same benefits as wired earphones without having to deal with cords.

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In-earkissral wireless sport earbud






Conclusion If you’re looking to buy wireless earphones, you must make sure that they are compatible with various audio units ahead of time. The Kissral wireless sport earbud 8 still has an enhanced diameter speaker than other earbud but aren’t big and broad like a great deal of the earphones found in the market now. The best choice for you is Kissral wireless earbud as it can keep up with daily wear and tear in our budget and offers impressive features.

kissral wireless sport earbud Individual power display of earbuds and charging case
kissral wireless sport earbud Up to 90 hours play time, charge as you go
best headphones LATEST Bluetooth 5. 0 technology, one-step pairing
best headphones IPX7 waterproof
best headphones It is so tiny that it becomes difficult to find it if you drop it

Wireless Earbuds, Kissral Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds with 3000mAh Charging Case LED Battery Display 90H Playtime in-Ear Bluetooth Headset IPX7 Waterproof True Wireless Earbuds for Work Sports.

Ultra-Stable connection provides by Bluetooth 5.0, faster pairing and universal compatibility. Wireless Earphones instant paired once taken out from the charging case, auto connects with the last-paired device.

Both Left and Right earbuds battery separated LED display design, it will display how much battery remaining in the charging base When putting into the case, you can know when is the best time to charge.

Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery charging case, wireless earbuds can play for 6.5 hours on a single charge, portable charger box recharge can provide 90 hours playback.

Earbuds start charging automatically once the earbuds is put in the charging case. You can go out for fun without worrying about battery shortage, your needs are met from the start of the day to its end.



Optimized antenna design and a new Bluetooth chip provide a stable connection for hour upon hour of high-quality wireless streaming. With an IPX7 rating thanks to the protection material, splashes and sweat won’t stop these headphones — or your workout.

Kissral wireless sport earbud has one large button management which is easy to turn off or on, play or pause the music through a multi-use button on the earphone. It is well-known for their ability to convey great low frequencies. It is lighter in weight which adds extra comforts while wearing it and less likely to fall out during workout or exercise. Kissral earbud is thin in size which can fit any ear size. It is effortless to connect this Kissral earbud to any device that has Bluetooth as they are Bluetooth connected. It has IOS battery display perform. This mini Bluetooth headphone can connect to any Bluetooth device, no matter IOS or android units.


Ergonomic designed to fit comfortably in your ears for active lifestyle, Kissral tws Stereo headphones comes with three adjustable ear cup sizes right from the box, you can focus on reaching new heights in your workouts.


The headphones have a small opening that will allow a more natural flow of sound and a greater sense of space, which will provide richer tone reproduction and vibrant, natural bass. In addition, they practically isolate us from the outside world: we will not hear any external noise and others will not hear our music. The treble and midrange frequencies are not compromised, providing a clear and well-balanced sound.


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