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Over the last decade or so, enterprising factories from deep within China’s industrial heartland have built products as OEMs for other brands as well as under their own identities. We managed to source one of the company’s newer products, the HIFIMAN RE-400 ‘Waterline’, for review.

The silver HIFIMAN RE-400 Waterline In-Ear Monitor/IEM from HIFIMAN features a titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet, and OFC copper cabling that ensures a natural performance and effectively reduces stethoscope effects. Small and compact, the RE400 IEM is built with an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit in the ears. With refined bass performance, the in-ear monitors are easy to listen to and are non-fatiguing when listening for extended periods. With a natural mid-high range, these in-ear monitors are equipped for virtually any musical style or genre.

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Conclusion Well presented, natural and consistent: a nice tiny package that is good for the price and everyday listening without worrying too much about special sources. Buy them if you like vocals and midrange oriented tracks, do not buy them if you are a strong basshead and you want a lot of boom out of the box. Nothing special in the accessories, but the flange selection is nice, something they added later i guess, with the carrying pouch, that is a generic one and not personalized in any way with the name of the company or logos. I really like to listen to ambient tracks on those, especially filled with female vocals.

hifiman re-400 Natural sounding
hifiman re-400 Really good midrange
hifiman re-400 Comfortable
hifiman re-400 Tiny and lightweight
best headphones Bass lacking
best headphones Cannot change cable
best headphones No controls on the cable



I really like the metal machinery there, precisely crafted, tiny and comfortable, during the first test i was really impressed how tiny and compact they are. The entire presentation of the earphones and accessories is nice and a really pleasing experience throughout: the casing, the foamy and velvety box inside, everything well presented and most importantly, well protected from the shipment; this is a really important feature because we have to imagine that the products travel all over the world before going into our hands. Design wise i would consider them minimalistic: the cable is not detachable, the first part of the cabling (the splitted part) is plastic only and the last part is covered with fabric, the two sections divided with the logo; L & R is printed behind the iem on the connection. On my version there is no mic nor input commands. I cannot stress enough how small they are, and in my opinion this is a good thing for a pair of all round easy fit and solid iem. I believe the connector has changed on a revision, as is now slightly different from previous model revisions, and probably more sturdy and ruggedized now. Everything comes within just 14 grams of weight, in line with other qualitatively equal models.


Two main things to consider that i really like: the pouch included is a plus, and for the tips there’s a pretty good selection of them, weather you fit bi flange, small or big tips. There are no foam tips included unfortunately, and i do not understand why the tips are presented in 2 different positions in the packaging, as if the bigger ones are a later addition to the overall packaging: some are on the front in the casing, some are inside the pouch. One thing to consider is that the 3.5mm cable is not balanced, and cannot be detached from the units, however, there’s a moderately long strain relief (compared to the tiny bodies). The included nozzles filters are a nice addition, in particular for people with a lot of ear waxing; when they become impossible to clean and/or ruined, you can simply change them with0ut worrying too much.


Overall the RE400 is a neutral sounding iem, the bass is a bit recessed and needs a some burn-in to shine in my opinion. I had to put the bigger tips to seal them better into my ear canals. The presentation is spacious and well-rounded. The soundstage is fairly large, and the earphones have a fairly open, airy, and uncongested sound.

Re-400 has a neodynium magnet and a titanium 8.5 mm driver; the loudspeaker has been designed and produced directly by HiFiMan to guarantee maximum performance of the medium frequencies. The technical specifications are in line with the earphones of the same price range; the sensitivity is 102 dB, the impedance is 32 ohms and the maximum power reaches 30 mW.


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