Brainwavz S0 Noise Isolating Earphones

The company has that long tradition of making good-sounding in-ear monitors with great overall package at a very affordable price. In fact, the very first IEM that I fell in love with last 2011 is the Brainwavz Beta.

To keep the long story short, I’m very thankful to Brainwavz as they opened my eyes (ears) to what music should sound like. Brainwavz S0 is the latest affordable and hyped budget offering.

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Conclusion The Brainwavz S0 has a lot going for it. A brilliant accessories bundle, a decent affordable price, solid metal housing, sturdy cable and a lovely warm sound.A lot of earphone manufacturers try for a neutral or flat response. This allows you to EQ the music to your taste. However, it is not totally out of place for a company with many earphones in its portfolio to make a few earphones cater to a certain genre of music. The Brainwavz S0 is able to portray the vocals beautifully. It does do a good job of other genres but it would not be earphone of choice for genres like ‘house’ or heavy metal.

brainwavz s0 Admirable midrange detail
brainwavz s0 Massy bass
brainwavz s0 Comfort
best headphones Veiling mids
best headphones Dynamic reach



None of these 3 IEMs are going to blow you away with an interesting or premium design or build quality. Both the Delta and the S0 feature metal housings whereas the most affordable of the bunch, which is the Zeta, is made out of plastic.

The overall design, especially that angled nozzle reminds me of the FiiO EX1 2nd Gen, but that earphone was actually made of metal. The cable is quite thin and it does feel rather flimsy if I’m honest.

The Brainwavz S0 has a nice hip and stylish black painted aluminium bullet-like body. Despite S0 being very light, the body of this IEM feels durable. It also has a nice strong red strain relief on the body of the IEM and Y Splitter that could protect the cables attached to the IEM from breaking. Then, it also has a standard straight 3.5 mm gold plated jack too.

The cable is 1.2m of flat insulated pure OFC copper that is intended to be worn down instead of over the ear. It is terminated in a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, but there are no adapters included as the S0 is intended for use with mobile devices. Cable microphonics are there. The shirt clip supports you, but doesn’t alleviate the entire problem. Sitting still while working, obviously no problem. Hustling to the train on the other hand left every rub and bump traveling into my ears.


The S0 is very comfortable, especially when used with the included Comply eartips. S0 can be worn either over-ear or cable-down. The shells are light and didn’t fatigue my ears even after long listening sessions.

S0 can be angled freely to your ear because of its quite small body. Just choose the right tips for your ears then it sits in your ear very comfortably. When it comes to blocking the outside noise, this probably is on the average side.


The sound had an intriguing approach. the S0 didn’t have the dynamic reach of designs in price terms and experienced some roll-off within the upper mids and treble so I didn’t look at the S0 earphones as giant killers, in any way. That said, in its own price slot, there was much to admire. In fact, although the S0 earphones offered a little less definition than I may have liked, the sound output was, if anything, a touch on the warm side. Sonically, they were cuddly, snuggly and I wouldn’t have a problem listening with them over long periods of time. There was no sense of the aggressive with the S0s.

Although clarity was not a highlight, there was enough air in the upper frequencies to project detail from the strumming acoustic guitar and an electric rhythm guitar while bass guitar. Hence, while that warmness might trigger a few alarm bells, overall detail was not masked by assertive instruments.


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