ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset has been providing game lovers with best products for the last few years. And with the level of competition increasing, gamers are looking for any advantage they can get over their opposition. This best budget gaming headset for ps4 took to its users to ask if there’s anything that can be improved on their gaming headsets. The gamers answered and Astro listened, and what came out of it is the brand new A50 headset. During E3, Astro Gaming brought out the A50 to demo to players and show them what this new headset will bring to the table. The A50 is a headset designed with the help of professional gamers, content creators, streamers, and game developers. It will provide numerous improvement to the audio performance, wireless range, mic clarity, docking and charging, and much more. The idea behind the Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset is to provide high quality and immersive audio experience to its users.

Astro Audio V2 will give the new headset the latest audio technologies that will have new drivers, new wireless radio technology, and the ability to customize the headset to user’s personal like through the Astro Command Center (ACC) software. This 4th generation A50 will also be optimized for spatial audio solutions such as the Dolby ATMOS. The A50’s base station gives players a clear, low-latency voice communication while ensuring that the headsets pairing and charging is made simple. The headset will also be equipped with Astro’s integrated MixAmp technology that will give you full control to adjust the audio levels of your in-game chat and in-game audio.

Allowing you to find that perfect balance between the social aspect of gaming and the actual gameplay experience. Taking audio personalization even a step further, the ACC software will give gamers and streamers the ability to tune every input and output of the A50 to their specific setups.

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Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset







Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset Pro Audio Quality
Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset Superior Fit & Finish
Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset Precision Microphone
Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset 5GHz Wireless Technology
Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound
Mod kit not included



Has Stereo Speakers
Has An Over-the-ear Foam
Has A Detachable Cable
Has A Straight PlugX
Cable Length1.5m

Sound Quality

Impedance48 Ohms
Has Passive Noise ReductionX
Highest Frequency20000Hz
Lowest Frequency20Hz
Sound Pressure Level118dB/mW
Has A Neodymium MagnetX


Has A Noise Cancelling Microphone
Has A Removable MicrophoneX
No of Microphones1


Has A Rechargeable Battery
Has A Battery Level Indicator


Has A 3.5mm Male ConnectorX
Can Be Used Wirelessly
Compatible With PlayStation
Compatible With Xbox Live


Can Be Used As A Headset
Has A Mute Function
Control Panel Placed on A Device
Has An In-Line Control PanelX
Has Included Ear PadsX
Travel Bad Is IncludedX


These are well-built and comfortable gaming headphones that aren't versatile enough to be used as casual headphones. Astro A50 have large and well-padded ear cups and an easy-to-use and responsive control scheme that's just for gaming. They feel sturdy and decently durable but the headband is weaker than the rest of the build. Unfortunately, they're not the most outdoor friendly headphones, having a limited range that reduces their portability. They're also not stable enough for sports and do not have a detachable mic.
This Wireless headset look and feel like gaming headphones. They have a flashy color scheme and a large, slightly bulky design that won't be ideal for outdoor use. You also can't remove the mic which further emphasizes the gaming-only aesthetic. On the upside, they look well-made and feel high-end thanks to the premium materials used in their build quality.The Astro A50 are comfortable headphones with large spacious ear cups that fit well around most listener's ears. They're somewhat heavy headphones but thanks to the comfortable padding on the headband and ear cups, they distribute pressure evenly and do not feel too tight on the head. They may get a bit fatiguing after a while but in most cases, they were comfortable enough for several hours of gaming with no issues.
PortabilityBuild Quality
The A50s, like most gaming headphones, are not particularly portable. They do not fold into a more compact format and the bulky cumbersome build isn't meant to be easily carried around on your person without a bag. They also need to be within range of their stand for them to work wirelessly, which further limits their portability. While the stand is not as big as some of the home theater headphones we've reviewed, it's still less portable than some of the other gaming models that use a simple USB key. An hybrid base/bluetooth headset like the Turtle Beach Elite 800 doesn't have that issue. Like Astro A50 are well built, durable gaming headphones. The ear cups are dense, and the plastic used in their build quality feels high grade and capable of withstanding a couple of accidental drops without much damage. The hinges are also sturdy and made of metal, which adds to their durability. However, to make the headphones lighter, the headband is somewhat open and a little hollow with only a plastic mid-section resting on the head. It's flexible but doesn't feel as resistant as a regular headband especially those with a metal frame.
These headphones are decently stable but won't be ideal for anything but casual listening sessions and gaming. They're not too tight on the head and the ear cups are bulky and heavy, which causes the headphones to sway a lot if you use them while doing any physical activities. This means they won't be suitable to go jogging with as they are not designed for that use case.The control scheme is good but only for gaming purposes. They offer an easy-to-use and responsive volume dial, a slider that lets you switch between different EQ presets, and a Dolby button to activate the surround sound effect. They also have two additional buttons on the right ear cup that lets you control the mix between in-game audio and voices from a chat which comes in handy when playing online multiplayer games.
This is a very good sounding pair of closed-back over-ear gaming headphones. They have an excellent, deep, and consistent bass, a great and neutral mid-range and a well-balanced treble. Astro A50 also image very well and have an average soundstage. However, bass and mid-range of Astro A50 tend to be a bit muddy and cluttered, and their treble could sound slightly harsh with S and Ts on overly bright tracks. It should be noted that the headphones were tested with the EQ in position 1 since that would score best against our target.
The bass is excellent. Low-bass, which is responsible for the thump and rumble common to EDM, Hip-hop and film scores, is well-balanced and extended down to 14Hz, which is great. Mid-bass, occupied by the body of bass guitars and the punch of kick drums, is also reproduced virtually flat and within 1dB of our target. However, high-bass is more than 2dB over our target, making the bass on these headphones slightly boomy. The Astro A50 have a great mid-range. Low-mid and high-mid are quite flat, but very slightly overemphasized which could make the mix a bit muddy and vocals a bit thick sounding. Mid-mid shows a 5dB dip surrounding 600Hz, and could slightly push vocals/leads to the back of the mix by giving more emphasis to high-bass/low-mid.
The breathable design also makes them less isolating in loud environments. The Astro A50 Wireless don't block a lot of noise and let the ambient chatter of your surroundings seep into your audio. They also leak at higher volumes so they may be distracting to those around you in quieter settings. If you game alone in a quiet room, then they should be fine but at a competition or in noisy environments, you won't be able to hear your audio as well.
Noise IsolationOverall Leakage
The isolation performance is poor. In the bass range, they don't isolate at all. This means they will let in all the rumble of the airplane and bus engines. In the mid-range, important for blocking out speech, they achieve about 1dB of isolation, which is barely noticeable. However, in the treble range, occupied by sharp sounds like S and Ts, they achieve about 16dB of isolation, which is below-average.The Astro A50 have a poor leakage performance. Although they have a closed-back enclosure, their breathable pads makes them act more like a semi-open headphone. The significant portion of their leakage is between 300Hz-8KHz, which is a broad range, spanning both mid and treble ranges. This make their leakage more full-bodied sounding than that of in-ears/earbuds. At 100dB SPL and a foot away, their leakage will be relatively loud. About 60dB SPL, a bit louder than the ambient noise level of most offices.
The performance of the Astro's microphone is great. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this microphone will sound noticeably thin, and rather dark and lacking in detail. However, it will still be easily understandable. In noisy environments, they perform extremely well and should be able to separate speech from ambient noise even in very loud environments like a busy subway station, or a gaming competition.
The A50s have a good but slightly frustrating battery performance. They provide about 13 hours of continuous playtime, which is good and should be more than enough for most gaming sessions. They also automatically turn off, which saves a lot of battery. Unfortunately, this feature is overly aggressive, turning the headphones off within 5 minutes if you're only using the microphone, and within 17 minutes even when there is audio playing. The latter only occurs if you're not moving your head or the headphones during those 17 minutes, making the implementation of the feature understandable, but not always practical.
The Astro A50 have a good wireless range and sufficiently low latency to be great for gaming as well as watching movies and videos. They provide more connection options than the A20. They also come with an excellent, multi-purpose base station that offers a couple input options and convenient dock charging. Unfortunately, the base station will only work with the console variant of the A50s you chose, so you may have to get another base if you want to switch between your PS4 and Xbox One. They also only connect via this base so they won't be as versatile as gaming headsets with a Bluetooth and wired connection like the HyperX Cloud Mix.
These headphones are not Bluetooth compatible. If you want a gaming headset with Bluetooth support, check out the Turtle Beach Elite 800, the Stealth 700 or the SteelSeries Arctis 9X if you're looking for a headset for the Xbox One specifically.These headphones do not come with an audio cable that you can use without the base station. Unlike some other gaming headset like the SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition, the A50s will no be compatible with mobile devices and will not work with the Xbox One or the PS4's controller.
Wireless RangeBase/Dock
After testing the A50 Gen 4, we found a discrepancy with the Gen 3 results. We then retested both headphones. This version of the A50 went from 112ft of line of sight range down to 58ft, which is in line with the 57ft we got for the Gen 4.
The Astro A50 have a better-than-average wireless range when the USB transmitter stand is obstructed, and a decent wireless range in direct line-of-sight. They will rarely cut out if you're gaming directly in front of your TV but if you're going to use them to listen to music and walk around your house then the audio may start skipping once you're in another room. Astro A50 perform about as well as most typical Bluetooth headphones.
The Astro A50 come with an excellent base station that provides dock charging and multiple input methods. They have a regular line-in audio jack, an optical input and audio via the usb cable when plugged into your PC or the appropriate console. The base station of the A50 is advertised as console-locked for either PS4 or Xbox One, but the headset can connect to both base variants. However, we managed to use our Xbox One base on the PS4 by connecting the optical cable and using the PC mode. By doing this, you will have both audio and mic support but don't have access to microphone monitoring or settings since the support is not native.

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